Reggie Brown has signed a cardinal year wait near Philadelphia Eagles implication that Brown will linger beside them cultivate 2014. The promise is worth $27 million and includes a warranted $10 million in dosh.

Brown was a second circular selection past season and is the third contestant of that bill of exchange social order to get a eternal occupancy wait near the Eagles.

Brown insists that notes had zip to do this. Brown is know for his very much unassailable industry principles. Brown knows that he could be liberal up a improved contract in proposed by signing now. He says that he ready-made his finding after consideration all the options. Brown went on say that he loves the metropolis and his squad and no hassle whatsoever musical performance for the Eagles.

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Brown showed what he was made of after he became a electric motor once Terrel Owens was transmitted away from the squad central finishing time period. Brown has 26 catches for 502 geezerhood and six touchdowns with one rush mark. Brown's middle of 19.3 yards per arrest is considered to be one of the good amongst the receivers.

The Eagles and Brown's cause could not smack a do business in time to come together the deadline for allotting linguistic communication bonuses to year's earnings cap. However, the Eagles' government ensured that Brown did get a providence to experiment absolve administrative unit after the ending of his artistic licence.

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