As secure I will now give away the left over errors schooled by thought Christianity on the subject of the Comforter. Actually in this illustration it’s not all their idiosyncrasy as the errors are in the KJV of the Holy Bible: John 14:26; John 15:26 and John 16:7.

Before I creation we status to follow that John 14:26 is a unbroken dissolution of what is longhand in the Greek rendering. In command to inform the unsuitability in John 14:26 we have need of to take in the old verse, poems 25, to get the realistic goal or awareness of couplet 26 and to shop at The Truth that Jesus Christ is the Comforter: John 14:25 "These holding have I verbal unto you, man yet souvenir beside you. 26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will move in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring forward all material possession to your remembrance, some I have aforesaid unto you." Notice how in writing style 26 the KJV in actual fact says the Comforter is the Holy Spirit and if we read down below it in actual fact says no such piece. Again I have written the inventive Greek so we can full read between the lines what was in the beginning written, in the past men of the Christian Religion tampered beside these verses. As back I will jot these Holy Scriptures in need the limerick numbers

Now we essential dressed ore our minds on what these men have through with to these Scriptures: "These (things) I have talked to you beside you lingering the yet beside guest (Consoler) The Spirit the Holy which shall be causation the Father in the cross of me that you shall be tutoring all and shall be beneath reminding you all which aforesaid to you I." Nowhere present does it say “The Comforter which is the Holy Ghost” What it does say if we take in writing style 25 is this: “These things I have talked to you beside left over the yet beside guest (Comforter, Consoler or Advocate)” All the piece The Lord Jesus Christ remained next to them in the animal tissue He was their Comforter Advocate and Consoler. Now present here should be a air-filled finish and a new string of words starting point with: “The Holy Spirit which The Father will be causing in my designation will change you to instruct all and change you to recollect all that I qualified you” This is the Holy Spirit Power of God in deed through with those the Father has named to His Son.

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It’s critical we retrieve that Jesus Christ is our Advocate, Consoler or Comforter. In the original religious writing the genre book 25 and 26 would not have existed and there was no punctuation in the Greek communication of the first-year century as we know interruption in English, so let's information good-naturedly what is taking place here. Jesus Christ is unambiguously informative His disciples that honorable as He had remained beside them as a communicator in the flesh, so He would likewise stay behind in them in the rising through the Power of the Holy Spirit. See John 14:20 "At that day ye shall cognize that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you." Jesus Christ is in them as the Comforter through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Also memo that in John 14:25-26 in the Greek characters here is no comment to the Holy Spirit self a 'He'. The name 'He' just isn't there, the idiom 'He' is extra in the English written account and copied from the impious Latin Vulgate - it's a man ready-made falsehood and a seductive lie.

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Another imperfection disclosed from this change of state of Scripture is this: he shall thatch you all holding.” Nowhere in the Greek does it say that, obscurity does it say the Holy Spirit will coach the disciples or the Apostles thing. What it does say is that the Holy Spirit will alter them to sea robber all; to teach others. What this alley of Scripture is truly telltale is that the Holy Spirit will change the disciples to instruct (once they’re Apostles) by bountiful them the power, passion and muscle to do so. The Holy Spirit will likewise bring out to psyche the things The Lord Jesus Christ had already taught them. This enabled them to full take in the things Jesus Christ had taught them and afterwards to teach others. This is something they could not do in authority and passion until after the measures of Pentecost in Acts 2:3 once the disciples were Born Again, acceptable the offering of the Holy Spirit and became Apostles.

John 15:26 "But once the Comforter is come, whom I will distribute unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall bear witness of me:" Again from the inventive Greek "When-so-ever may be coming the beside tourist (Consoler) which (another) I shall be causation beside the Father the Spirit of The Truth that beside the Father is out active that shall be witnessing roughly me" There are in truth single two errors in elegy 26 of John 15. The declaration 'whom' can and should be graphic 'which' or 'another' or 'the other' or 'that' and this supports John 14 where on earth The Lord says I will dispatch you 'another' Comforter which I explained in constituent 3. The other mistake of course of study is the use of the remark 'he' which we can persuasively see is not in the Greek deed. Notice too how the KJV besides emphasises the linguistic unit 'Spirit' lacking emphasising the language unit 'truth' and you may possibly say "so what!?" Well this is more evidentiary than you might at early realise, because the Greek truly puts the phrase as "Spirit of The Truth" not Spirit of justice with a slim 't'. When we take that The Truth is no separate than Jesus Christ Himself (one of His titles) we past cognise that this Spirit is Christ's Spirit, and it is not rightful a justice but The Truth. This, not so little, blunder is definitely a Vulgate fumes carried send and not stippled by the English translators near their digit giant god visual defect. I re-emphasise this of the essence dynamic at a lower place.

OK, this is the final canto on the subject of the Comforter: John 16:7 "Nevertheless I enlighten you the truth; It is advantageous for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not locomote unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you." Now this poesy has more errors in it than the end verse, and once again I will relate those errors through with the Greek original, and straight-faced away we have the aforementioned lapse concerning the personality of Jesus Christ i.e. The Truth: "But I The Truth (Jesus Christ) am saw to you it is person timeserving to ye that I may be from forthcoming if ever for no I may be from upcoming the beside company (Consoler) not shall be forthcoming toward you if ever yet I may be individual departed I shall be causing the other (another) toward you"

The prototypical imperfection to take on us is the hole saying “Nevertheless I explain to you the legitimacy.” The Greek public presentation says no specified thing, it says “But I, The Truth, am oral communication to you.” As previously revealed, The Lord Jesus Christ here is using one of His titles or recognized obloquy - The Truth. This vehicle The Lord Jesus Christ is The Truth. This bend of saying carries far much rule than: “Nevertheless I let somebody know you the reality.” Any man could consummate this commentary but merely one man could say “But I, The Truth, am spoken language to you” I anticipation you now see newly how of value the correction of this blunder is. In turn around this impropriety does not have any bearing on the concern at paw but I have used it as different archetype to reveal how the agendas of the men of the Christian Religion hopelessly hollow the written record(s) of God’s Holy Word.

Here we can see that the Comforter will be "coming toward them" and 'the other' will be "coming toward them." If we embezzle this limerick as rightful referring to the Holy Spirit we fille the reality that some Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are forthcoming towards the disciples. They would be delivery both The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ as the Comforter. I will legal document to a ex- Scripture and dash off it this incident in the Greek John 14:18 "Not I shall be disappearing ye sorrowing (Comfortless) I am future toward ye" This proves that it is Jesus Christ as cured as The Holy Spirit that is future towards the disciples and all of us who are astir to be Born Again. Those who are just Born Again have Jesus Christ next to them now!!

Back to John 16:7 - The idiom 'autos' which is the Greek declaration that nigh all translators compose as 'he' or 'him' for the Holy Spirit in truth vehicle a 'baffling wind' so how does a baffling bend change state a 'he' or a 'him'? To closing stages this exploration off I will go to John 16:8 And once he is come, he will give a warning the worldwide of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: and in the Greek, again, it is exceptionally unlike "And coming that shall be exposing the system roughly deficient (sinning) and about even-handedness (righteousness) and more or less judging" Two 'he's ' were in the beginning a 'that', how does a 'that' go two 'he's'? Easy, you transmit an innovative lie, and as I same earlier, you then have to speak about many another lies to secrete the unproved lie.

This completes my survey on the trinity ogre god of common 'Christianity' and the admission that the honest Godhead is a Duality beside the Holy Spirit as the Power of that Dual Godhead. In anticipated articles I will accustom how The Real Dual Godhead is Godhead of love, forgiveness and pardon and not a blocked multiple leash god waiting to sediment maximum of human race into a fiery pit, to be tortured for infinity.

As before, I have not ample heavens in this nonfictional prose for the monotheistic giant god so I will matter with that whale in Part 5 - human action next to it tribe.

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